Monday, April 07, 2008

Adventures in Yorkshire

We have been far too busy to blog for a while. Between January and March Reindeer have a long rest after all the drama of Christmas eve - it really takes it out of you. I know what you're thinking! We didn't get chosen this year - well we didn't, but we still have the rest - as we were in training for a long while in anticipation of being chosen as part of Santa's fleet.

Well after a low key start to the year we have been quite busy. We took a small weekend break to Yorkshire - it was very cold and wet so had to stay in doors!! But we did take a picture of ourselves with Ingleborough in the background. We did pop out when Mrs FLN wasn't looking so we could have a look at the lambs in the field.
Robbie and I were looking forward to going to the caves, we were disappointed that Mrs FLN was too scared to take us - the wimp!
Robbie will write another blog entry next week with some more of our adventures.
Antler Buts to you all
Rudolf xx

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Call me Reindeer *!!*?!

Living in the Tardis with Teapot, Timelord and Junior Timelord is a very tiring business for a little reindeer like me. So catching up on some shut eye with a past master like Tiger is a good thing.

Timelord was helping me understand the ways of cricket the other evening as he watched Australia play India. Apparently there was a lot of sledging so I became very excited and thought Robbie and Rudolf would like to play as well.

Then Timelord explained how the Australians invented it and there is hardly any snow in Australia so I became very confused. But he put me right in the end by saying it has nothing to do with sleighs but more about men calling men bad names, questioning who their fathers are and even calling them monkeys.

Now I said that if anyone called someone a reindeer that would be a great compliment and very cool. Later on there was another match with South Africa and Andre Nel looked very reindeer like and every time he finished bowling he did a good impression of antler butting.

I have heard from Robbie and Rudolf that Mrs FLN likes monkeys but I can see why even Australians would be insulted by being called one. Come to think of it I would be insulted if an Australian was called a reindeer.

Friday, January 04, 2008

A new reindeer arrived at Teapot Towers on Christmas Day.

Well, I'm a bit squashed here with my two new acquaintances! They're old hands now.

I arrived in a Tardis!! ok, it was a lunchbox Tardis for Timelord, but I survived! not as much room as the real thing!! And no David Tennant!! Boo hoo! Teapot would've liked David Tennant to appear on Christmas Day, and not just on the telly...........!

Anyway, hello and I hope we all get along.

I've already met Tiger the cat! Only he was jealous of me and I got biffed in the mouth.

He has been very naughty the last couple of days, upto all sorts........ think he was bored as he did not want to go out in the cold, and there are no mice in here, or other cats, to keep him entertained! I don't think either that you can play a piano with the lid shut!! but I daren't tell him!!!

Bye for now.


Monday, December 03, 2007

A Very Sad Day :-(

Well we are in a very bad mood - Antler buts all round.

We (the best reindeer ever) were not chosen to pull the sleigh again!!! We were told that we were both too small. I think that is height and ageist. We have spent long hours in training getting faster and stronger. We could have pulled the sleigh - besides - we are unique and magic - they did not seem to understand! Rudolf has been practising his stunt flying and everything. This picture was taken during one of the practice runs I know he got stuck but it shows he can get into tight spaces!!


Sunday, October 07, 2007

In Training

Well its that time of the year again - yes you guessed it. We have started our flight training. Rudolf is rather unfit after all those biscuits so we have had to put in some fitness regimes this time around. The actual flying starts this week. He will just about get off the ground! We are determined to be picked this year to guide the sleigh. Matthew thought that I was too small but I think I might just be big enough this year. We were so disappointed last year that we are stepping things up this year. As you can see from the picture he definitely needs the practice!!

ow I've just been antlered!!! I am no better I get stuck too, its just its not funny when it happens to me!!!

So I will show some more pictures of our training tomorrow, only if we can get on line without Mrs FLN knowing!!! She doesn't like the flight practice as she worries about us both, she thinks we are too young to pull the sleigh and doesn't want us to miss Christmas eve because of work.

See you all soon.


Monday, August 06, 2007

The Cricket

We haven't blogged for a while. We have been missing Freelance Nerd. Robbie has no one to teach him nerd skills and I have not had any fights to sharpen my antlers. Mrs Freelance Nerd is ok on computers but Robbie misses the real nerding. She is rubbish at fighting too, she just falls over when I try to antler butt her!!

Well we had a trip out last monday to the cricket. I have never been before, Robbie went to a match where England played Australia with Mr & Mrs FLN and Teapot and Timelord.

Well we went to Trent bridge with Mrs FLN, Timelord, Teapot, Mr & Mrs Baddog and Junior Baddog, and Dr Spooner.

Here is a picture of us in the sun.

The weather was very hot, I got a bit burned. Mrs FLN forgot our Magic biscuits so we were very hungry and irritable when we got home!!! *Stamp* *Stamp*

The cricket was a bit rubbish, and there were no other reindeer their! I heard there were the day before.

Buy for now


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Naughty Tiger!

Well, we were stunned this evening by the naughtiness of that cat. We went round to TimeLord and Teapots for our tea. Not only did he hog all of Mrs Freelance Nerds time, by sitting on her knee and giving us evil stares!

He then went in the kitchen, trying to get the chicken, he sat on the side and licked the plate that had had the chicken on and the knife used to carve it!!!

Robbie and Rudolf